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Supporting Students in Need

K-12 Therapy Services


About Us

Academic Staffing is the industry’s premier provider of K-12 therapist staffing for school districts. The company was founded in 1992 by a speech-language pathologist hoping to leverage her decades of experience to provide a superior service for therapists and school districts alike.

Our team truly understands the job because we’ve done the job. Our resources, communication, and leadership will help advance student education in your schools.

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Academic Staffing is owned and operated by ESS, the nation's largest dedicated provider of K-12 personnel and management solutions. ESS was founded 23 years ago with the vision of providing K-12 school districts the solutions they need to best support every student, every day. The company now proudly serves over 900 school districts across 34 states, supporting the education of more than 5 million students every day. Thanks to ESS' innovative solutions and national resources, Academic Staffing is more capable than ever of achieving its goal of connecting qualified therapists to school districts in need.

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